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Greely Tree Services is a local company that can take on the biggest projects. We are fully licensed and Insured and as a Professional Arborist we have the knowledge to preserve natures beauty. In many cases trees only need proper trimming to make a full recovery  but unfortunately there are occasions when a tree needs to be removed due to a structural defect, root decay, root damage or a tree has become infected with insects. Our professionals can safely remove it from your property. Contact us for more details or questions. We also serve Ottawa and surrounding areas!

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About Us

Here are the following services we provide in Ottawa and surrounding:

  • Tree Removal
  • Arborist Services
  • All tree related services
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Tree Surgery
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Cutting
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Nursery
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree and Hedge Planting
  • Firewood Supply
Tree Removal Ottawa
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