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Greely Tree Services is a local company that can take on the biggest projects. We are fully licensed and Insured and as a Professional Arborist we have the knowledge to preserve natures beauty. In many cases trees only need proper trimming to make a full recovery  but unfortunately there are occasions when a tree needs to be removed due to a structural defect, root decay, root damage or a tree has become infected with insects. Our professionals can safely remove it from your property. Contact us for more details or questions. We also serve Ottawa and surrounding areas!

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Stump Removal Ottawa

Greely tree Services offers stump removal services throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

Please call 6132823301 for all Stump Grinding inquiries.

Remove unsightly tree stumps from your property with Greely Tree Services. Serving Ottawa and surrounding areas, we have the equipment to remove any stump, including a smaller machine that can complete jobs in tight or confined areas.

We take pride in our work always providing timely and cost-effective solutions that will enhance your property. Our fully-insured, safety-focused team is standing by to serve you. Get a free estimate about Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Ottawa by giving us a Call at 613 282 3301

At Greely Tree Services We pride ourselves on being a ‘one stop shop’ for Stump Grinding Ottawa and Stump Removal in Ottawa, so if you book us to remove your stump we do everything needed, there is nothing for the customer to do. This includes a full clean up after the stump is removed, we also organize the locate service to correctly identify the location of services on your property (Gas, Hydro, Bell, Cable and Water).

Why remove a tree stump?

  • Aesthetics – Some find stumps unsightly, while others find them a visual feature. It depends on how well the stump blends into the landscape.
  • Physical Hazard – Depending on the location of the stump, it can be a tripping hazard or get in the way of lawn mowers.
  • Suckering – Stumps can generate new growth sprouts.
  • Pests – A decaying stump can attract wood-boring insects that you don’t want near your house.
  • Disease – Stumps, especially those of trees removed because of disease, can harbour fungal disease and the like that may harm neighbouring trees or plants.

In numerous aspects, a tree is more or less like an iceberg, in a sense that you only get to see a small part of the picture while the submerge remains hidden. On occasion, tree removal is inevitable as it becomes weak or damaged due to age or other environmental factors. The final step and the most crucial step of tree removal is stump removal. To ensure that the central portion, the tree stump, does not induce any future problems when a tree is removed, it is highly advised that tree removal services are contacted to ensure a professional and safe process.

Stump removal in Ottawa can an onerous and time-consuming process for any size or age of tree with mature and extensive root systems. As a result, this might discourage many to dial tree removal services and choose to ignore the stump rather than to assume the clean-up associated with its removal.  At Greely Tree Services we have a great deal of experience with intricacies of stump removal. We remove unsightly tree stumps in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

There are several reasons why stump removal & Stump Grinding in Ottawa should be executed. A decaying stump can attract wood-boring insects near your house causing potential health hazards. Depending on the location of the sump, it can be a tripping hazard. Removing the stump can provide more space and flexibility for landscaping. Stumps can interfere with the root system of healthy trees so the removal of stump can prevent possible regeneration in that same location. Overall, stump removal enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property.

At Greely Tree Services we place great importance on refraining from causing any destruction to any surrounding infrastructure or other healthy trees in the surrounding environment. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop tree removal service in Ottawa that does a full clean up after the stump is removed. We also organize the locate service to correctly identify the location of facilities on your property which includes gas, hydro, bell, cable and water.

Although doing your stump removal & Stump Grinding in Ottawa can be less costly than using professional tree removal services consider the number of advantages. Our tree removing professionals have the depth of knowledge on trees – root systems vary based on the type of tree. We take proper precautions to prevent secondary damage to trees and the surrounding environment. Our experts are highly skilled with the latest technology. Safety considerations above and below the property are also taken into account.

For an expert stump removal services in Ottawa or surrounding areas, call Greely Tree Services at 613 282 3301 and get a free estimate!

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