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Greely Tree Services is a local company that can take on the biggest projects. We are fully licensed and Insured and as a Professional Arborist we have the knowledge to preserve natures beauty. In many cases trees only need proper trimming to make a full recovery  but unfortunately there are occasions when a tree needs to be removed due to a structural defect, root decay, root damage or a tree has become infected with insects. Our professionals can safely remove it from your property. Contact us for more details or questions. We also serve Ottawa and surrounding areas!

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Greely tree Services offers firewood sales throughout the Ottawa and surrounding areas. We sell seasoned hardwood and offer pickup and delivery . Please call 613 574 0247 for all firewood inquiries.

When a tree is felled in winter, the moisture content of the wood can be as high as 50%, and even higher if it is felled in summer. By  cutting and splitting the logs, you can accelerate the rate at which the wood will dry out. You can check how dry it is using a moisture meter.

The reason wood needs to dry before burning, is to ensure the majority of the moisture is out of the wood, as moisture in wood reduces the heat produced by the log,  the wetter the log, the less heat you get out. Additionally  wet wood doesn’t burn as cleanly, it can be smoky and produce more crackling and sparks which come with their obvious risks. Also burning wet wood increases the production of fire causing by products such as creosote in the chimney, potentially creating a fire risk.

Ideally the moisture content of firewood  should be around 20% or less.  Greely Tree Services firewood in Ottawa is all dried and seasoned.

Split, dried, and seasoned are the qualities of our ready-to-burn hardwood firewood at Greely Tree Services, a professional Ottawa Tree Services provider. Our Ottawa firewood is of exceptional quality and will stave off the brutal, harsh winter’s chill with a roaring, cozy fire. We offer pick up and delivery services in Ottawa and surrounding areas making it easier for you.

The usage of firewood aligns with Ottawa’s values of an environmentally friendly city. Firewood is a renewable source of energy that when burnt does not contribute to greenhouse emissions. Our firewood in Ottawa is also clean, free from sawdust. Therefore, it also helps in making your chimney and house clean from dirt and any allergic reaction your family can get from the dust.

It is crucial for us that our customers be informed about our Ottawa wood-drying tree services process. Wet wood is far more difficult to burn than dry wood. When a block of wood is described as wet, what we are talking about is the total amount of moisture in the wood’s core rather than the wood’s exterior. Whereas, dry wood is dry all the way to its heart making more combustible. The wetter the wood is, the more heating energy of the wood is used to warm the moisture in the wood, turning it into steam. Most of this steam then goes out of the chimney without you every seeing its benefits. Drier wood means a higher percentage of the energy in the wood is transmitted into your house as heat.

Also, the usage of dry wood, as opposed to wet wood, is safer both for your home and the environment. When a tree is felled in winter, the moisture content of the wood can be as high as 50%, and even higher if it is felled in summer. Ideally, the moisture content of the wood should be around 20% or less. Environmentally, wet wood does not burn as cleanly, as it can be smoky and produce more crackling and sparks which can be hazardous. Additionally, burning wet wood increases the production of fire causing byproducts such as creosote in the chimney, which is a toxic chemical, creating a potential fire risk.

As picking out the wrong firewood can be dangerous if you lack the knowledge, it is advisable to dial an Ottawa tree services expert. Call Greely Tree Services at 613 574 0247 to help you choose combustible wood that is safe for your home and your environment.

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