Tree Planting

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Common Reasons for Planting

Reduced cooling and heating costs as trees provide shade and protect houses from wind.

Landscaped properties often increase home value.

Trees provide clean oxygen and break down pollutants in the air while protecting us from harmful UV rays.

Trees prevent soil erosion and reduce the effects of flooding.

Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife.

GTS Tree Planting Services

Here at Greely Tree Services, we pride ourselves in our tree planting services in Ottawa, where we can plan and develop a long-term planting and care strategy for the installation of all types of trees. The benefits of planting trees on your property go far beyond providing shade and beauty to our landscapes and making the garden look nice. There are social, communal, environmental and economic benefits to planting new trees.


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Greely Tree Services can provide advice and assistance on tree planting, installing young and established trees, of any size. We can plant as many trees as you desire to turn your property into a luscious, green woodland. Call 613-574-0247 and arrange a free quote today!


Tree Planting

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