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Greely Tree Services trims trees, hedges, and bushes. Tree and hedge trimming promotes good health in your trees by removing dead or decaying branches as well as reducing canopy weight. A reduction in weight and size helps minimize the risk from weather damage and allows your flora to thrive! Don’t worry about the mess – we also provide the clean-up!

Common Reasons for trimming

Removing limbs in close proximity to buildings.

Insect and disease control.

Remove potential safety hazards (i.e. utility line clearing, hanging limbs).

Clearance for vehicles and pedestrians.

Improves the cosmetics of your home and community and health of your hedges, bushes and trees.

Let Greely Tree Services take the hassle out of the job!

Greely Tree Services believes that less is more. Trimming is essential to the health and aesthetic of your trees and hedges but it is important to remember not to trim too much.

Our certified arborist is your safest bet to ensure a job done efficiently and securely from the start.


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