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We offer tree Removal services throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas

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Common Reasons for Tree Removal

The tree is interfering with or is causing damage to your property or neighbouring properties.

The tree is diseased, is beginning to die or has died.

The tree is causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through trimming or other measures.

The tree is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen.

The tree is preventing you from completing necessary repairs to your home or yard.

The tree is near power lines or too close to other trees.

Weather or other damage that has rendered the tree hazardous.

We Complete The Permit Applications For You

Greely Tree Services specialises in dangerous and difficult tree removals. When required, we will complete all permit applications on your behalf with the City of Ottawa.

Let Greely Tree Services take the hassle out of the job!

Tree removal can be dangerous and difficult at the best of times. When you start to add obstacles around the tree such as power lines, buildings, sheds and structures, a dangerous job gets a lot more difficult with the potential to cause injury or property damage. Leave the hassle to us! Led by a trained arborist, we can remove trees of all heights, sizes and situations in a safe and timely manner using the latest equipment and techniques. Inquire about our chipping, bucking, haul-away and other clean-up services.

Cut, Grow, and Preserve! Our tagline personifies the ethics of Greely Tree Services. We view trees as the root of our ecosystem; it is important to provide and sustain a viable environment for future generations. We strive to make sure that every part of the tree is reused in a way that is beneficial to our communities.

Tree Removal

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