Stump Grinding

We Offer stump grinding services throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas

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Common Reasons for Stump Grinding

Aesthetics – Stumps can take years to decompose. Remove unsightly stumps to make your lawn the most beautiful lawn on the block.

Physical Hazard – Stumps can be tripping hazards and damage lawn
maintenance machinery.

Suckering – Stumps can generate new growth sprouts.

Pests – A decaying stump can attract wood-boring insects that you don’t want near your house.

Disease – Stumps can harbour diseases that may harm neighbouring trees or plants.

Remove unwanted stumps from your property

Stump removal can be an onerous and time-consuming process for any size or age of tree with mature and extensive root systems. As a result, this might discourage many to dial tree removal services and choose to ignore the stump rather than to assume the clean-up associated with its removal. At Greely Tree Services, we have a great deal of experience with intricacies of stump removal. We remove unsightly tree stumps in Ottawa and surrounding areas.


Let Greely Tree Services take the hassle out of the job!

Remove unsightly tree stumps from your property with Greely Tree Services. We have modern equipment and trained personnel to remove any size stump. This includes machines that can complete jobs in tight or confined areas.

We take pride in our work, providing timely and cost-effective solutions that will enhance your property. Our fully-insured, safety-focused team is standing by to serve you. Get a free estimate for stump grinding by giving us a call at 613-574-0247.


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