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We Offer Firewood throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas

We sell seasoned hardwood and offer pickup and delivery . Please call 613-574-0247 for all firewood inquiries.

Why Purchase our Firewood?

Our logs are cut and split on-site, accelerating the drying time of the wood.

Our dry logs produce more heat when burned than wet logs.

Our wood burns clean, producing less smoke and sparks.

Our wood is free of sawdust, reducing possible allergens in the air.

Firewood is a renewable resource. Burning our wood is an environmentally conscious choice.

Burning wet wood increases the production of by-products such as creosote which builds up and creates a potential fire risk. Try heating your home safely with our dry wood.

GTS Firewood

Split, dried, and seasoned are the exceptional qualities of our ready-to-burn firewood. We offer pick up and delivery services in Ottawa and surrounding areas making it easier for you to stave off winter’s harsh chill with a roaring, cosy fire. Call 613-574-0247 and order your firewood today!


Premium Hardwood and Delivery

It’s important to pick the right firewood for burning indoors; ideally with moisture content 20% or less. Greely Tree Services offers premium firewood in Ottawa, dried, seasoned and ready for delivery. Please call 613-574-0247 for wood options and to arrange a delivery today!


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