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Greely Tree Services is a local company that can take on the biggest projects. We are fully licensed and Insured and as a Professional Arborist we have the knowledge to preserve natures beauty. In many cases trees only need proper trimming to make a full recovery  but unfortunately there are occasions when a tree needs to be removed due to a structural defect, root decay, root damage or a tree has become infected with insects. Our professionals can safely remove it from your property. Contact us for more details or questions. We also serve Ottawa and surrounding areas!

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Tree Planting

Greely tree Services offers tree planting service throughout the Ottawa and surrounding areas. Please call 613 574 0247 for all firewood inquiries.

Here at Greely Tree Services, we pride ourselves in our tree planting services in Ottawa, where we can plan and develop a long-term planting and care strategy for the installation of all types of trees. The benefits of planting trees on your property go far beyond providing shade and beauty to our landscapes and making the garden look nice, there are social, communal, environmental and economic benefits to planting new trees.

Economic benefits include, reduced cooling costs in summer months due to shade provided by trees, well placed trees can reduce the effects of cold winter winds and well landscaped properties can realize an increase in value as much as 10% greater than similar none landscaped properties in the area.
Environmentally, trees provide oxygen, help break down pollutants’, shade us from UV rays, reduce/prevent soil erosion, reduce the effects of flooding and provide food and habitat to many animals.

Greely Tree Services can provide advice and assistance on tree planting in Ottawa, installing young and established trees, of any size from one tree to as many as you desire. Arrange a no obligation visit to your property today, call 613 282 3301

A source of pride of the city of Ottawa is in its community greening. The benefits of planting trees go far beyond providing shade and beauty. There are numerous social, communal, environmental, and economic benefits to planting trees. On that account, we at Greely Tree Services take pride in our tree planting services in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Trees are known as the lungs of the planet. Apart from producing oxygen and detoxifying the air from carbon dioxide and other contaminants, trees are in fact essential for building a community. The city of Ottawa places great importance on supporting tree planting services since trees are in fact crucial for fighting Ottawa’s harsh winter storms and hot, humid summers. Planting a tree in your backyard can help cool your summer. The effect of the shade created by planting a healthy tree is equal to 10 room-sized air conditioners running 20 hours a day. In winter, a healthy planted tree can act as a windbreaker saving you as much as 25 percent on heating costs in the long run. Additionally, houses and landscapes with trees significantly increase the value of these properties as visitors, and potential buyers view neighborhoods with more trees as more attractive.

Consider what type of tree you want to be planted in your backyard before installing one. Greedy Tree Services plans and develops a long-term tree planting and care strategy for the installation of all types of trees. As experts at tree services in Ottawa, Greely Tree Services recommends a small planting stock instead of established trees as it will survive better and grow faster. If your land is fertile, there will be no need to composite and fertilizers into the planting hole as it can end up producing a waterlogged planting site. Trees are planted at the depth they were planted in the nursery, however, sometimes it is essential to incorporate a small supporting stake to anchor the roots. After the tree is installed, aftercare is as crucial as the process. Weed control is vital – trees will grow up to three times faster in weed-free conditions. Also, trees need protection against stock and vermin until established by fencing or tree shelters.

Let us take care of this hassle for you as we can provide advice and assistance on tree planting in Ottawa, and we can install young and established trees of any size and as many as you desire. Give us a call today at 613 282 3301 and arrange a no obligation visit to your property.

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